Numéricom Surveillance Inc. biometric system includes one or several access control terminals to premises via simple and efficient electronic locks. Biometric identification and numeric code options. (Downward compatibility option with classic RFID access cards) Terminals’ network connection is simplified thanks to the SERVER program. The basic biometric scanner includes a time keeping option for tracking flexible schedules. In network access, all punchings can be added in the various flexible schedule management programs on the market. Access controls can be restricted (access by periods of time and time blocks). The system can be combined to a video surveillance camera to reinforce security.

Biometric access control features or
by code

  • Schedule management with function keys: Entrance, Exit, Return
  • Several identification means: fingerprints, password, and badge
  • Integration to management program connected to a TCP/IP network
  • Security improvement: periods of time and time blocks
  • Broad functionalities: Intercom (microphone and speaker included)
  • Audible alarm
  • Voice prompts
  • Backlighting and metal dome option
  • Door position (opened / closed) may be controlled at all time
  • User management and possibility to switch to off-line mode or network
  • Customizable with your company’s logo

The Access Manager software
control pannel

The Access Manager is used to control network terminals

  • Management of up to 255 terminals and 10.000 users
  • Compatible with several Windows platforms: NT, XP, 2000 & 2003
  • It includes two modules:
    • server module: the Access Server to be installed on the server
    • Client module: the Remote Manager to be installed on the clients’ PC

Access Server allows up to a maximum of 8 connections with clients. It contains a common database to all clients in which you find information on users, terminals, authentication events (up to 30.000) and related system events. This database is automatically saved by a parameterable cycle. The authentication and access control program, Remote Manager, enables you to: delete and enrol users with their fingerprints.

  • Terminals’ enrollement & settings
  • Add and remove users from terminals
  • Setting of up to 16 different schedule restrictions applying to terminals and people
  • Exporting of event log in Excel format
  • Remote access control: opening/closing doors
  • Surveillance mode to monitor whereabouts in real time
  • Terminals’ Firmware update



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